Eric Schmidt Fan Mail Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and Mailing Address

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Eric Schmidt Mailing Address and Office Address 

If you are looking for Eric Schmidt address details, then read our below section.

The Postal Address and office address of Eric Schmidt is Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043. If you want to send an autograph request to Eric Schmidt, please send it to above mentioned postal address of Eric Schmidt.

Note that, the above address is used to send any postal documents. If you have any question or query then you can send at this address. We don’t have fan mail address and office address of Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt Contact Details

The contact phone numbers of Eric Schmidt is given right here:

The telephone number of Eric Schmidt is +1 650 253 0000 and the Switchboard number of Eric Schmidt is +1 650 253 0000. The above contact details are the official contact details of Eric Schmidt. You can call him at given contact number.

Official Website and Email Address

The official websites and email address of Eric Schmidt is given as below:

An official website of Eric Schmidt is For press inquiries, kindly mail at / The email address of Eric Schmidt is

Social Media Accounts and Pages

He is more active on various social media pages or accounts. You can made easily contact through social media accounts. The social media pages or accounts of Eric Schmidt is given as below:

He is much active on only one social media account. This account is official account with blue tick marked.

Is Eric Schmidt still at Google?

The one of the most important persons at Google, Mr. Schmidt left the company in February 2020 after 19 years with the company.

Fast Facts about Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt is businessman and software engineer. He is best known for being the CEO of Google,  executive chairman of Google, and executive chairman of Alphabet Inc. He is member of Democratic party. He has works with IT companies, Bell Labs, Zilong, and Palo Alto Research Center. The personal contact detail of Eric Schmidt is given as below:

  • Age: 64 years
  • Father Name: Wilson Schmidt
  • Mother Name: Eleanor Schmidt
  • Wife: Wendy Schmidt
  • Children: Sophie Schmidt, Allison Schmidt

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