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John Sall is a famous American businessman and co-founder of SAS Institute. He also founded the JMP statistical software. He is one of the richest American businessmen. Based on latest reports, his net worth is US$4.4 billion (June 2020). Mr. Sall was born in Rockford, IL, United States. He is also the executive vice president of SAS Institute. With other software developers, he created the JMP statistical software. He earned degrees in statistics, history, and economics. In addition to their philanthropic efforts, SAS provides its employees with exceptional workplace benefits.

The Sall Family, consisting of Sall and his wife Ginger, has contributed more than $130 million towards their Sall Family Foundation. This foundation invests in a variety of fields, including the environment, public health, and science.┬áLet’s find the contact information of John Sall including the mailing address, office phone number, and more.

John Sall
John Sall, Photo Credit: wral .com

How do I contact John Sall through the mail

Do you have a question, how do you contact John Sall through the mail? Do you want to send a letter of appreciation, feedback, or suggestion to Mr. John Sall? Please note down the mailing address of John Sall below:

Mr. John Sall
SAS Corporate Headquarters
100 SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513-2414, USA

Please also send out any autograph requests to the above mentioned address. If possible, please attach objects to get signed.

How do I talk with John Sall

Do you want to talk with his office on telephone line? Do you have any message to share with him on phone line? Please note down the corporate office phone number +1-800-727-0025/+1-919-677-8000. Please do not expect Mr. Sall on this phone line. However, it is a good way to pass on your message to his office/SAS corporate headquarters.

How do I meet John Sall?

While it may be difficult to meet John Sall in person, there are a few ways you could try:

1. Attend a SAS event: John Sall is the co-founder of SAS Institute, and he has been known to attend events and conferences hosted by the company. You can check the SAS Institute website or SAS user groups for information on upcoming events that he may attend.

2. Reach out through SAS Institute: You could try reaching out to SAS Institute through their customer support or investor relations department and ask to be connected with John Sall. However, it’s important to note that as a busy entrepreneur, he may not be available for meetings or discussions..

For more information, please visit the official website of the SAS. Please also note down the email link page of the official website to send any message to the corporate headquarters. Please address the email directly to Mr. Sall.

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