Jay Chaudhry Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

How do I contact Jay Chaudhry?

There are two ways to contact Jay Chaudhry, either send an email or write a letter to his company’s corporate headquarters. Please note down his contact address: 120 Holger Way San Jose, CA 95134 United States.

Here we are presenting the contact details of Jay Chaudhry Residency Address, Telephone Number, Office Address, Mobile Number, Jay Chaudhry such as What is the Cell Phone Number of Jay Chaudhry? and More.

Jay Chaudhry Office Address

If you are seeking for the sufficient address of Jay Chaudhry, then this section is very much useful for you. You will find it right here. Here is the Zscaler Inc Office Address: 120 Holger Way San Jose, CA 95134 United States.

Now, we are not presenting the house address of Jay Chaudhry before you.

Jay Chaudhry Contact Details

What is the Office Contact Number of Jay Chaudhry? So, if you want to contact Jay Chaudhry, then you can dial at the given contact number. Please, note down the Office Contact Number of Jay Chaudhry: 1-408-533-0288.

Very soon, we will present the office fax number of Jay Chaudhry.

Official Website and Email Address

This section contains the official website of Jay Chaudhry which can help you to get more information. The website is https://www.zscaler.com/.

Later, we will present the email address of Jay Chaudhry at this correct place.

Social Media Accounts and Pages

We have not found Jay Chaudhry available on any of the social media pages. As soon as he joins social media pages, it will be presented here.

Fast Facts about Jay Chaudhry

Jay Chaudhry is an Indian-American billionaire businessman. He is the founder of a cybersecurity company, Zscaler. He serves as the CEO of Zscaler. Before founding Zscaler, he has also founded CoreHarbor, Secure IT, AirDefense and CipherTrust. He is also one of the Board Member of Air2Web. In USA, you can purchase the securities for your mobile and laptop from Zscaler at your own budget.

Let’s have a look at the personal information about Jay Chaudhry:

  • Jay Chaudhry is of 61–62 years old, born in India.
  • He is educated from Banaras Hindu University, University of Cincinnati.
  • Jay Chaudhry’s net worth is estimated to be US$7.9 billion for the year 2020.
  • He is married to Jyoti Chaudhry and they have 3 children.

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